most convincing energy saving lamp so far

the reasons:

  • unlike previous halogen light, it can be used directly with common E27 and E14 bulb socket. There is no need to install or change anything to your existing wires or sockets at home.

  • this system reduces waste because only the small halogen bulb need replacing.

  • this bulb work with dimmer switch

  • it light up immediately, without delay like energy saving bulb

  • it gives out the familiar warm light

  • it saves 30% energy for same brightness and longer life

  • it offers all the classic bulb forms to fit in your existing light fittings, (see samples below)

until energy saving lamp does not content poisonous mercury, consumes less energy to produce and generate less discarded part after its broken or LED lamp overcome its heat and brightness issue and actually becomes as affordable as normal lamp, lokolo prefers the new Energy Saving Halogen lamp set.

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