File & drawing preparation guide

Important: please have your drawing ready before coming. 


file format-

save drawing in Adobe Illustrator version 10


laser cutting-

all the lines to be cut should be inBLACK. if your drawing contains elements for engraving, make sure the lines you want cutting areBLACK and those you want engraving RED!!


laser engraving-

all the lines or fills to be engraved should be in RED. if your drawing contains elements for cutting make sure the lines you want cutting are BLACK and those you want engraving in RED!!


drawing preparation- step-by-step guide

  • Ensure that the drawing is clean, remove unwanted and duplicate lines. Duplicate lines mean the laser will perform the same job twice that will double your job time and cost.

  • To make sure everything fits on your material, make a frame of 1 cm smaller in both length and width than your material size on your drawing. Make sure everything you want cutting / engraving is inside this frame, do not leave anything outside of this frame.

  • Clear/ delete all guide lines left on your drawing. Do not hide (important). Sometimes these can be read as vector lines where we will assume they are lines to be cut.

  • All lines / fills should be on one layer. Do not turn off layers and always delete all other layers.

  • Cut lines need to be in a hairline thickness. Make sure your drawing is in outlines only (including any text).  If there are thicker lines or any fills on your drawing these portions will be engraved.

  • Scale your drawings to actual scale 1 unit = 1mm.

  • Once exported, always open and check the drawing has exported correctly.

  • Also check for duplicate lines / fills that can sometimes occur during the exporting process.


    Please contact us by email or telephone if you have any question regarding drawing preparation.

    030 53 16 26 23